Lace Crop Top: Bangkok / Skirts: CottonOn /
Bear-bear Baseball Cap: Haters / Skull Bracelet: Bangkok


Hello!! Apologized for my lack update, I was so so busy since Nov because I worked as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER now!! You can contact me for any freelance job lol.. Since I graduated, my parents were worried that I can't find a job, lucky me LOL. I need some personal space and time to rest, I think people seldom find me on social media platform now, but...I will try to update more often okay.

About my working life, I can only say that I couldn't wear the outfit I shared to work, so I love weekend, I can wear whatever I like haha. I think I need to get some formal wear for myself(yaya, excuse for shopping again, I know lol). BTW, I so in love with my lace crop top!!

*And..sorry for the winner in my giveaway post, I should announce this early, 

The winner is floojo!!
Please email me your contact details ya. Thanks!!

哈咯!! 我真心愧疚因为我好久没更新了呀!! 从上个月开始我就变得好忙好忙哦,因为我开始工作了,现在是一个平面设计师哦,大家有设计的工作可以找我哈哈,我家人超担心我找不到工作的。现在大多数的时间我都留给自己和休息用,所以网络什么的就比较少在用了,不过,我会尽量多更新的哈。

关于我的工作,目前还可以上手,只是我真的好喜欢周日,因为周日我才可以随性的打扮哈哈!! 我真的需要为我的衣柜补充一些适合工作穿的衣了(只是又找到另一个逛街的借口哈哈),还有还有,我真的太喜欢我的蕾丝crop top了!!


恭喜 floojo 咯!!


  1. Hello from Spain: nice top. The skirt is fabulous. Keep in touch

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  3. this is such a cool and laidback outfit.I am sure you will find some interesting job offers on the way and that your parents will be proud of you! ;)


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